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Piping & Mechanical Design

Piping & Mechanical

From small installations such as pig launchers and receivers to full scale compressor station piping designs, I3 Engineering and Consulting does it all. I3 Engineering and Consulting utilizes the latest technologies and integrated systems to help make your piping and mechanical designs become a reality quickly and efficiently.

Piping & Mechanical Design
Piping Instrumentation Diagrams

We begin a mechanical design project by developing Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and laying out a virtual model of a site. We utilize 3D pipe CAD modeling software, which allows customers a virtual walkthrough or flythrough of a facility during the design process. This allows for changes to be made prior to generation of deliverable drawing packages. The 3D model is set up using customer pipe & materials specifications and code requirements. From that 3D model, we then develop 2-D plan and section drawings, 3-D isometric drawings, and bills of materials. 

These deliverables are generated automatically from the modeling software, thus reducing errors and decreasing the amount of manpower needed to produce complete and accurate work products. Our 3D models also integrate civil foundations, building structural, pipe supports and electrical into the model for a complete one-stop design interface.

3D Modeling
3D Analysis

I3 Engineering and Consulting can perform additional services based on the 3D model, such as stress analysis of the piping systems. The stress analysis will ensure your designs meet the applicable codes and will aid in the location and design of piping supports as well as other structural supports for the entire system. All resulting in saving money and valuable time for our customers in preparing a design for construction.

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