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Surveying Services

We are on the forefront of survey technology through our drone survey program and team of professional land surveyors with decades of experience utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Survey Equipment


Survey Equipment


Survey & Mapping Teams

I3 Engineering Survey Team
I3 Engineering Mapping Team

Our Survey Team uses the latest GPS, robotic total stations, HD scanners, and drones to collect data quickly and accurately. Whether it is boundary surveying, preparing base mapping to utilize in the initial design work, construction support and layout during the project, or as-built surveying upon completion, our team of surveyors has over 90 years of combined experience assisting clients in meeting their goals.


Our Mapping & GIS department prepares drawings, diagrams, models, and maps in the latest CAD and GIS applications to support our engineers and customers in the design & construction process. Some of our popular products are Topographic Site Maps, Road Modeling & Construction Designs, Construction Alignment Sheets, Permit Package drawings (Railroad, Road, & Stream Crossing), Class Study Maps, Easement, and Survey Property Plats. Our GIS Specialist combines internal and external resources to produce the latest geographical information available to our clients. Information can be presented in a digital format and/or can be hosted through a client-specific ArcGIS Online portal created for clients. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in drafting/mapping

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