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Traditional Survey

If your next project has the need for land surveys, I3 Engineering has the solution. Our team of professional land surveyors has decades worth of experience in utility line surveys, property boundary surveys, topographic surveys and bathometric surveys of rivers and streams. We can dispatch survey crews of two, three or four people depending on the project needs. We have surveyed thousands of miles of utility line rights-of-way and thousands of acres of topography. We own a vast array of survey equipment from total station units to submeter handheld and RTK GPS units. 


With the Trimble X7, our surveyors have the ability to capture accurate scans of existing piping and equipment with an accuracy of 1-3 millimeters. The geo-referenced data can be captured both indoors and outdoors. It can also be used to capture data in dangerous areas, such as confined spaces or busy intersections, without putting personnel in harm’s way. Our surveyors can view the data real-time using the Trimble T-10 Tablet, to ensure that all the data requested by the client is collected. The data can then be used to create a point cloud for use in Autocad, or a 360-degree photo from which measurements can be taken.

We also have two Carlson BXR7 base/rover units which possess the capability of utilizing four satellite constellations. With this technology, survey grade positions can be taken by the GPS units within seconds, even with tree cover and in mountainous terrain. With all of these tools, we can select the right equipment and crew size to get your survey completed with the minimal amount of time in the field and in the most cost-effective manner.

Professional Surveying

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