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Drone Survey

I3 Engineering is on the forefront of survey technology through our drone survey program. I3 Engineering has invested in several Matrice 600 Pro drones that are outfitted to carry advanced survey equipment. With these drones, I3 Engineering can complete surveys of pipeline rights-of-way and large tracts of land in a fraction of the time traditional methods would take. The Matrice 600 Pro seen in the video above has a maximum payload of 12 lbs. It can reach top speeds of 40 mph. The drone's flight controller contains algorithms that allow for triple redundancy of positional accuracy by comparing signals from three sets of GNSS units.

Drone Surveying
Drone Surveying

I3 Engineering has loaded out our drone with a Zenmuse camera and a Velodyne LiDAR unit. The Zenmuse camera provides color photography of the survey area that can be used as a background for drawings, maps, etc. It is also capable of capturing video. The Velodyne LiDAR unit will capture 300,000 topographic points per second enabling I3 Engineering's surveyors to gather millions of topographic shots in just a few minutes! This data can then be transferred into our 3D modeling systems for generation of topography maps, cuts, fills, etc. In short, this tool enables I3 Engineering to complete large survey jobs quickly and efficiently, saving our customers time and money.

We've expanded our drone fleet with the addition of the Inspired Flight 1200A!​ This DOD approved Blue-list hexacopter has a wing span of 65 inches and a payload capacity of over 19 pounds. Equipped with the our new Survey32 LiDAR system and a Sony A6000 24 megapixel camera, the IF1200A has double the flight time and twice as many lasers as any other drone in our fleet.​ With its ability to fly higher, faster, and longer, the IF 1200A can provide canopy penetrating topographic data on a 200 acre site in just one flight. The data can then be easily transformed into a 3d color point cloud for use in CAD for site design and grading.

Survey Equipment

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