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News: MEGA Rule

Updated: Apr 16

Stan Wilt, I3 Engineering Compliance Coordinator, explains the application of the MEGA Rule:

The mega rule is the biggest change in gas pipeline regulations since the introduction of 49-CFR 192. Part 3 of the MEGA rule focuses on oversight reach. Pre MEGA rule, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) only regulated approximately 10,000 miles of onshore gas gathering lines in the US. With the new regulations, it is estimated that an additional 426,000 miles will now fall under PHMSA jurisdiction.

Our current focus at I3 is working with our gas gathering clients to patrol pipelines to carry out leak surveys, install line markers, perform inspection, complete minor maintenance on control valves, and design/install cathodic protection systems. Along with all the additional field work that is being completed, we are working on developing the tracking systems that will assure that the compliance activities are documented and completed on schedule!

The following pictures and video demonstrate some of the work utilizing the MEGA Rule (CP install, flagging, and gas detection):

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