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Lunch & Learn!

We’d like to thank Precision Pipeline Equipment for leading a Lunch & Learn at our office in Bridgeport, WV! Our team enjoyed lunch together while learning more about the functions and benefits of “no-bleed” valve controllers.

The natural gas pipeline industry has often used natural gas from pipelines to power pneumatic valve controllers. Due to ever more restrictive environmental regulations, traditional controllers that bleed natural gas into the atmosphere are no longer considered acceptable.

One way the industry is adapting is through the utilization of “no-bleed” valve controllers such as those made by VRG. Their valve pilot controllers provide the ability to eliminate all emissions during steady state operation resulting in a reduction of natural gas that is emitted into the atmosphere through normal operations. Per VRG, the reduction in gas loss emissions also helps pipeline operators from a financial standpoint. From the money saved by preventing gas from being released into the atmosphere, a return on investment can be seen within 1-2 years!

I3 Engineering is staying on the forefront of innovative technologies so that we can best serve our customers with safe, efficient, and environmentally compliant designs!

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