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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

I3 Engineering and Consulting has experienced design professionals for all of your cathodic protection design needs. Our team of experienced design engineers can design your cathodic protection system for either your cross-country pipeline or your compressor and meter stations. Our designs consider the most advantageous system for the customer, be it a sacrificial anode or an impressed current system. Our designs start with a soil resistivity test using the Wenner four pin method at the proposed site to determine soil resistivity. The results of this testing along with the needs of your project give us the baseline information needed to design a practical and effective system that works for your needs.

Cathodic Protection Design
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Our design deliverables include system design calculations, plan/detail drawings and specification of all CP related materials needed for the installation to comply with the NACE SP0169 and CFR 49 Part 192 standards. Also, I3 Engineering & Consulting can provide field technical assistance for your cathodic protection facilities. Our engineers and technicians are qualified to install anodes and test stations, document your DOT 192 required bi-monthly rectifier and annual test station readings, and aid in commissioning and/or troubleshooting your cathodic protection system.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can fulfill your project's needs!

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