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Civil Engineering Design

Civil Design

Whether you are looking for foundation design for your facility, structural steel, site hydraulics or stormwater runoff calculations, I3 Engineering is your source for your civil and structural engineering needs. I3 Engineering has the tools and technology to finish your civil and/or structural engineering project quickly and efficiently. When it comes to concrete, we have designed all types…compressor blocks, tank foundations, secondary containment structures and building foundations to name a few. Our structural steel designers have designed structural steel building modifications, pipe supports, walkways and access platforms. 

Topographic Data
Civil Project Layout

In terms of site development, we can import 3D topographic data from our experienced survey team or directly from the client if they already possess it. I3 Engineering utilizes 3D modeling technology to accurately perform site layouts and determine optimum cut and fill quantities for various grading designs.  Our hydraulic modeling software aids in our design for storm water runoff and retention in infiltration ponds.

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